Another thought on the Cuban spy story

Alberto at Babalu Blog notes the Myers–the Cuban spies arrested last week–are your typical spoiled, privileged traitorous American-hating leftists.

So that leaves me with a thought, or rather, a question. Given the type of people Obama is associated with, how many future Cuban (or other country) spies are coming to work for his administration now?


More on the Cuban spy arrest

Walter Kendall Myers, a 72-year-old former State Department worker and his 71-year-old wife Gwendolyn were arrested today for spying for Cuba for about 30 years. They were “true believers” who even met in person with Fidel Castro in the 1990’s. America-hating leftists doing what they do best. Reportedly, Myers was privy to a bunch of sensitive and even classified info on Cuba while he worked at Foggy Bottom.

Gateway Pundit has a lot more, including news that a Walter Myers from a DC suburb donated to the Obama campaign.

Look up the phrase “useful idiots” and I’m sure you’ll find these tools’ photos. No doubt the left will begin its usual talking points when Castro apologists are caught spying: deny it vehemently at first and when the evidence becomes too overwhelming to deny, shift and claim they were justified in their spying and/or the U.S. does it too so therefore Cuba has the “right” to spy on us. Too bad we don’t do to spies in this country what countries like, oh, Cuba do to spies when they catch them.