A Forced Re-design and an Apology

As you can see the blog’s design has changed.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  Heck, it was inconvenient for me; I started out simply updating the software that runs this blog and it caused my design to explode.  So I had to create a new design immediately.


I also apologize for not posting anything new in nearly a year.  I just don’t have time anymore.  I’ll try to post new items from time to time–if time permits.


Spam from castrodeathwatch.com e-mail addresses–again

If you have gotten spam from an e-mail address ending with “@castrodeathwatch.com,” you should know it did not originate from this website/blog.

Once again, this website has become the victim of e-mail “spoofing,” which is where spammers use a phony e-mail address to mask their own.

My apologies for anyone who has been victimized by this but I am also a victim because I have no control over this happening. Just delete the e-mail and do not respond or click on any link in the e-mail to help discourage this type of thing from happening again.