‘Is Fidel Castro already dead?’

Is Fidel Castro already dead?

That’s the first line of an opinion piece by Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington, as posted on CNews.com. In the piece, which is titled Speculation over state of Fidel Castro’s health, Warmington finds himself in Cuba–asking everyone from fellow journalists to Cubans on the street–what they think has happened to Castro. Because as we all know, the government of Cuba believes in openness and honesty in all its dealings, that’s why it’s no secret what the state of Castro’s health is. Yeah, and I’m Santa Claus.

Alas, my favorite quote from the article doesn’t appear until near the end:

But the long-suffering people do want change and hang on every clue.


Another bird escapes from the cage

Word is out now that one of Castro’s prized musicians–and one who enjoyed extremely rare privileges under the regime, such as having a Mercedes Benz–defected to the US late last year.

Isaac Delgado, a famous salsa star, joins the long list of musicians and other Cubans leaving Castro’s repression for freedom in America. My favorite part of the AP article posted on Yahoo!, however, is the reason the AP gives for the defection of Isaac and others:

Cuba has long suffered a flight of talented artists and top athletes seeking fame and fortune in the United States…

Uh, how about they were firstly seeking FREEDOM, Associated Press???? I mean, I have yet to hear of a musician defecting FROM the US TO Cuba.


19 Cubans land in Key West

I first heard this story on Cuban exile radio in Miami this morning, then I read about it on Babalu Blog later. What “this story” is, is a report that 19 Cuban rafters landed in Key West during the wee hours of the morning.

I couldn’t find much news about this story elsewhere; I would assume the Miami Herald would be interested in a story about 19 Cuban rafters landing in their very backyard. Perhaps they’re waiting to confirm it through official sources.

But then a commenter nicknamed “Pointy Head” on Babalu Blog very helpfully posted a link to the story from WTVJ in Miami.

Thank God they made it to land safely. But questions always remain: How many others never made it? How many more must risk their lives before the world finally opens its eyes to what Castro has done to Cuba? And the question I can never get Castro apologists to answer: How many people do you know who have gotten onto a rickety amalgam of boards and other materials that barely float, shoved off from Key West, and sailed the 90 or so miles to Havana?

UPDATE (01/25/07):
Babalu Blog posted a picture of the 19 rafters today.


Bush: “freedom in places like Cuba”

For the first time ever (although I’m not sure if by “ever,” the media means by any U.S. President, or by President Bush), President Bush mentioned Cuba in his State of the Union address last night:

We will continue to speak out for the cause of freedom in places like Cuba, Belarus, and Burma …

I recall hearing some applause at the mention of Cuba, most likely from Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and her colleagues Senator Mel Martinez and Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart–although I should note I don’t know for sure if they were the clappers.

The Miami Herald published an article about President Bush’s Cuba mention today.


Castro and Chavez, sitting in a tree…

Chavez’s lovefest with Castro continues.

Today, Venezuela’s junior caudillo made a big point on television of pointing to a letter he received from his bosom buddy recently, according to the International Herald Tribune. From the article:

The TV camera zoomed in on the letter and on Castro’s signature in black ink. “Look closely at the strokes of the signature. We are extremely happy, Fidel, about the news of your recuperation.”

Um, how do you say “gag me” in Spanish?


“Terrorists to Jail”

So a bunch of leftist instigators decided to go to the pro-Luis Posada Carriles rally in Little Havana last Friday, and the foreseeable happened: they got their butts kicked (see the video here.)

In fairness, it was not El Exilio’s most shining moment, as they played right into the hands of these Chavez apologists who are now seeking to press charges for the attack. The whole incident smells, IMO, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find either Castro’s or Chavez’s filthy fingers in this pie.

What I found interesting was what it said on the sign they held up across the street from the rallying Cuban exiles: “Terroristas a la cárcel” (Terrorists to jail). Anyone wanna lay any odds on the likelihood of these characters holding up this sign outside Gitmo?


“Castro is Dead”

“Castro is dead.”

As James Taranto of Opinion Journal would say, unfortunately, the phrase is followed by “spam email infects computers” in an AFP headline from Madrid.

It seems a virus titled “Castro is dead” has been making the rounds. As much as we’d like to hear the news, be careful if you get an e-mail with that title.

Ah, now if only a virus could take out that infection known as Castro…


The devil went down to Caracas

Once again, Castro’s ventriloquist dummy pipes up. Yes, the little parrot best known for calling our president “the devil” has stepped in it. Methinks the sulfur he claimed to smell back then emanated from his own bowels after lunching on some bad beans.

Anywho, now Mr. Chavez has blurted out “Go to hell, gringos!”

Just give it some time there, Chavez. Soon, after you’ve done to Venezuela what Castro did to Cuba, us gringos can visit your country and we will indeed have “gone to hell.”


Castro=soon to be worm dirt

Listening to “Trincheras de Ideas” (“Trenches of Ideas”) on Radio Mambi (WAQI 710 AM, link will take you to a Spanish-language site) tonight, I heard a co-host say some choice things about Castro. Referring to Castro’s infamous reference to Cuban exiles as “gusanos” (“worms”), said co-host noted that soon, Castro himself will be worm food.

He also referred to Castro as “un gargajo fecal” (“a fecal ‘loogie'”). Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel about Castro? LOL!