McCain says “No” to socialism

Senator John McCain made a campaign stop in Miami today. I’m not a big fan of him as a politician, but as a veteran myself, I do respect how he distinguished himself in the military and I appreciate the sacrifices he made in Vietnam especially when he was held prisoner for several years.

Having said that, I heard him on Spanish radio in Miami this morning and I can at least say that I appreciate his call to end Castro’s reign of terror, as well as his pledge to do everything he can–legally and peacefully, mind you–to bring about an end to Cuba’s socialist nightmare.

Senator McCain also made the obligatory “pander” trip to the heart of “El Exilio” as well, but with a twist:

In a speech to veterans of the ill-fated, CIA-backed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961, McCain said his first trip if elected to the White House in 2008 would be to Mexico, Canada and Latin America “to reaffirm my commitment to our hemisphere and the importance of relations within our hemisphere.”

The Arizona senator said that “everyone should understand the connections” between Chavez, Morales and communist Cuban President Fidel Castro.

“They inspire each other. They assist each other. They get ideas from each other,” McCain said. “It’s very disturbing.”

No word on whether or not he had a shot of Cuban coffee, but he did sound awake on the radio.


Another Cuban patriot falls

Condolences to the family and friends of radio host and journalist Agustin Tamargo, 82, who passed away earlier this week. Mr. Tamargo was a staunch anti-Castro personality who worked on Miami’s Radio Mambi (link in Spanish).

For those of you ignorant useful idiots who like to dismiss anyone who is critical of Castro as “Batistanos,” I’d like to point out Mr. Tamargo was in exile in Argentina BEFORE Castro took over, due to his criticism of Batista’s dictatorship.

Read a write-up about Mr. Tamargo here. RIP, Agustin.


19 Cubans land in Key West

I first heard this story on Cuban exile radio in Miami this morning, then I read about it on Babalu Blog later. What “this story” is, is a report that 19 Cuban rafters landed in Key West during the wee hours of the morning.

I couldn’t find much news about this story elsewhere; I would assume the Miami Herald would be interested in a story about 19 Cuban rafters landing in their very backyard. Perhaps they’re waiting to confirm it through official sources.

But then a commenter nicknamed “Pointy Head” on Babalu Blog very helpfully posted a link to the story from WTVJ in Miami.

Thank God they made it to land safely. But questions always remain: How many others never made it? How many more must risk their lives before the world finally opens its eyes to what Castro has done to Cuba? And the question I can never get Castro apologists to answer: How many people do you know who have gotten onto a rickety amalgam of boards and other materials that barely float, shoved off from Key West, and sailed the 90 or so miles to Havana?

UPDATE (01/25/07):
Babalu Blog posted a picture of the 19 rafters today.


Castro=soon to be worm dirt

Listening to “Trincheras de Ideas” (“Trenches of Ideas”) on Radio Mambi (WAQI 710 AM, link will take you to a Spanish-language site) tonight, I heard a co-host say some choice things about Castro. Referring to Castro’s infamous reference to Cuban exiles as “gusanos” (“worms”), said co-host noted that soon, Castro himself will be worm food.

He also referred to Castro as “un gargajo fecal” (“a fecal ‘loogie'”). Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel about Castro? LOL!