Watch Cold Case: Stealing Home on CBS tonight

Tonight, CBS will air a special episode of their police drama series Cold Case. The episode, titled “Stealing Home,” is about the murder of a baseball player who defected from Cuba. It airs at 9PM eastern, please watch it.

I’ve been told by a good friend that this episode will show the truth about Cuba, as opposed to the whitewashed tropical paradise the mainstream media would have you believe Cuba is under the Castros. That’s why it’s imperative for as many of us to watch it.

One of the stars of the show–Danny Pino–is a Cuban-American and I understand he helped write the script for tonight’s episode. I also understand Steven Bauer, another Cuban-American actor, will be on the show.

In case you’ve never seen it, Cold Case is about a fictional unit in the Philadelphia Police Department that, as the show’s name suggests, focuses on solving cold cases. The show is one of the few TV shows I watch and enjoy, and that’s before I knew Danny Pino’s background or that this episode would be shown at all.


Cuban baseball slavery

Babalu Blog has a blogburst today about the World Baseball Classic and Cuba’s sadly enslaved baseball team. The post is pegged to the top of the page and it includes a song parody of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game,” a special graphic and this:

Cuba is one of the few countries in the world that prohibits its citizens from leaving without government permission, a violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Because Cuba’s athletic teams compete internationally the participants are constantly shadowed by members of Cuba’s state security apparatus. The primary objective of Cuban state security is to prevent defections which embarrass the Castro regime and deplete the country of athletic talent. In Democratic countries like the United States this presents a perverse situation where Cuban athletes are basically deprived of their rights to move freely.

As Babalu Blog notes, the MSM could care less about this. Pretty ironic about how the left and the Castro regime whines loudly about a US prison–Guantanamo–on Cuban soil while nobody seems to give a rat’s behind about a Cuban prison that travels the world.


Hypocritical Mexico

Mexicans illegally entering US: okay.

Cubans entering US via Mexico: no way.

So decreeth the Mexican government (as well as the Castro regime):

Mexico agreed Monday to deport Cubans who sneak illegally through Mexican territory to reach the U.S., a step toward cutting off an increasingly violent and heavily used human trafficking route.

The agreement, signed by Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque and Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa, takes effect in one month. It also criticizes U.S. policy that generally allows Cubans who reach U.S. territory to stay, while turning back most caught at sea.

Har, har, har. It’s the US’s fault that Cuba is such a festering hellhole (thanks to Castro bros.) people will leave if you give them half a chance. As friend of Castro Death Watch Henry Gomez, of Babalublog, is quoted as saying in the article:

“There would be no need for the policy if people weren’t dying, literally, to get out of Cuba.”


Castro regime takes a kick to the groin…

…as Cuban female judo champion disappears and possibly defects to the US during a tournament in Miami:

The Cuban contingent that competed in last week’s Pan American Judo Championships left Miami for Havana on Monday afternoon without gold-medal-winning judoka Yurisel Laborde, who left the group Sunday afternoon.

As I write this post, no official word on Laborde’s whereabouts, but the rumor mill is buzzing with news that she has indeed defected. Kiai!


What’s REALLY illegal is the Castro regime

Every Cuban who can escape the slow death sentence that is “life” under Castro, is escaping, and the MSM calls it an “Illegal flow of Cubans.” No, what’s REALLY illegal is Castro’s usurpation of power.

Read on:

The number of Cubans leaving their communist-run country by sea is steadily increasing and has reached the highest level since a mass exodus in 1994, according to new US figures.

Fiscal 2007 figures showed twice as many Cubans arriving in the US without travel documents are doing so via Mexico instead of crossing the Florida Straits.

US officials said good weather and calm summer waters had contributed to the rising number of Cubans departing by sea, though the absence of hope for change in Cuba in the year after Cuban leader Fidel Castro fell ill was driving more Cubans to leave.

“At bottom, the reason why people are willing to risk their lives to leave Cuba is the lack of hope and expectations,” said the US consul-general in Havana, Sean Murphy.

Yep, that’s the socialist paradise for you.


Today’s the big day…

…for the little Cuban girl whose life is in the hands of a judge who had previously said “If we deport people back to Cuba, we could empty our jails:”

The judge in a contentious child custody dispute is expected to reveal today her ruling on whether a Cuban father is a fit parent to his 5-year-old daughter.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jeri B. Cohen had indicated initially she would release her ruling to the public Wednesday, but shifted course after attorneys for the girl’s father, Rafael Izquierdo, objected to the release of the document to the media.

Instead, Cohen will read her ruling in open court. The proceedings are scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m.

Pray for the little girl. ANd pray for the judge to make the right decision.


Don King vs. Fidel Castro

It’s the Bearded One against the man with the wild hair, and the man with the hair wins:

Fifteen days ago, the 130-pound Angelo Santana Diaz, a seven time regional champion in Cuba and twice its national title holder, braved the crossing of the Caribbean, condemnation by his country’s leader, and fear of reprisal to his parents still in Cuba to follow his dream to become a World Champion.

Angelo’s defection was forced on him as a direct result of Castro’s banning Cuban fighters from the World Championships.

Ten days ago I became aware of Angelo’s defection, long before Fidel, who honestly may not know to this day that another one of his stars has fled his “Utopian” nation.

For the fighter’s protection I placed a couple of calls and Don King Productions responded as they always have for the underdog in boxing, and through Rick Glaser, Angelo and his manager Armando Fernandez, who was instrumental in arraigning his fighter’s escape, sat down yesterday with Don King.

When the meeting broke up Angelo “The Cobra” Santana -as his professional name will be- was a member of DKP (Don King Productions).

Hehe, looks like Castro’s down for the count!


More Cubans fleeing the ‘socialist paradise’

Yep. It’s true:

In a few days, the number of Cuban migrants stopped in the Florida Straits this year will likely exceed the number of interdictions in 2006.

As of Friday afternoon, Cuban migrant interdictions by the U.S. Coast Guard stood at 2,255 — just 38 people shy of last year’s total.

The likely increase appears to reflect an anticipated uptick in the number of migrant departures from Cuba since Fidel Castro took ill and ”temporarily” ceded power to his younger brother, Raúl, in July 2006.

One expert has a reason why:

“There’s great disillusionment,” said Jaime Suchlicki, director of the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies at the University of Miami. “People don’t expect Raúl to open up the economy, and there’s a pent-up demand to get out. They don’t expect change in Cuba to be easy and fast. It’s going to be long and difficult.”

Gee, ya think?