Castro Brothers now importing slaves

Seems its not enough the Castro brothers have 11 million Cuban slaves. Now it looks as though they might have dozens of Dominican slaves as well:

A total of 96 illegal Dominican boatpeople who set out on November 13, 2008, for Puerto Rico, are being forced to work in sugarcane plantations in Cuba, family members said.

According to Eriko Cuba, spokesman for the migrants’ relatives, the group left on a “yola” from the coast of the northeastern town of Samana but was forced to land in Cuba due to rough weather while crossing the Mona Passage, which separates the Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico.


Castro Death Watch poll for June 09

Fidel Castro recently accused the U.S. of using "torture." So, which of the following is worse?

  • Putting political prisoners into cells so small they can't stand, feeding them rancid, disgusting food (if and when they get fed at all), beating them and urinating on them when they're thirsty. (70%, 14 Votes)
  • Feeding Muslim prisoners healthy, nutritious food 3 times a day (prepared under religious guidelines), providing them with copies of the Koran, allowing them to pray and practice their religion. (30%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 20

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So many of us Cuban-Americans KNEW that when Raul Castro said he’d be willing to “talk” about anything with Obama, he was just blowing smoke:

“Affirming that the president of Cuba is ready to discuss any topic with the president of the United States expresses that he’s not afraid to broach any subject,” Fidel Castro wrote of his 77-year-old brother, who succeeded him 14 months ago.

“It’s a sign of bravery and confidence in the principles of the revolution,” he said.

“Nobody should assume that he was talking about pardoning those sentenced in March 2003 and sending all of them to the United States, if the country were willing to liberate the five Cuban anti-terrorist heroes,” Castro wrote.

We knew it, we knew it, we knew it.


Cuban baseball slavery

Babalu Blog has a blogburst today about the World Baseball Classic and Cuba’s sadly enslaved baseball team. The post is pegged to the top of the page and it includes a song parody of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game,” a special graphic and this:

Cuba is one of the few countries in the world that prohibits its citizens from leaving without government permission, a violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Because Cuba’s athletic teams compete internationally the participants are constantly shadowed by members of Cuba’s state security apparatus. The primary objective of Cuban state security is to prevent defections which embarrass the Castro regime and deplete the country of athletic talent. In Democratic countries like the United States this presents a perverse situation where Cuban athletes are basically deprived of their rights to move freely.

As Babalu Blog notes, the MSM could care less about this. Pretty ironic about how the left and the Castro regime whines loudly about a US prison–Guantanamo–on Cuban soil while nobody seems to give a rat’s behind about a Cuban prison that travels the world.


Janet Reno’s musical tour?

Ew, gag. The thought of Janet Reno repulses me. Now apparently she put together a three-CD music set (of other people’s music, of course) and the MSM is once again fawning all over her.

It’s called–get ready to laugh–Song of America. Should’ve been called Song of Anti-America. They’re calling it a “musical tour.”

Here’s a tour Janet should be able to remember well:

-Miami: Police officer Grant Snowden wrongly convicted of child sexual abuse, loses 11 years of his life in prison before he could get his conviction overturned
-Waco, Texas: More than 80 Americans–including children–burned alive by the federal government
-Nationwide: 93 US Attorneys fired
-Atlanta: ruined the life of Richard Jewell by leaking his name as the Olympic Park bomber when in fact, Jewell was totally innocent
-And, back to Miami: sending armed, jackbooted thugs into an American home to rip a child out of the arms of an American citizen, for the purposes of sending said child back to a totalitarian dictator named Fidel Castro

Speaking of Elian Gonzalez, I wonder if this is going to be the cover photo for her CDs:

Janet Reno and Elian Gonzalez


First person to be arrested under new law: Fidel Castro

Anti-corruption laws toughened in Cuba

Acting leader Raúl Castro has ordered harsher penalties for public officials who break labor rules.

Ratcheting up his fight against corruption and mismanagement in Cuba, interim leader Raúl Castro has signed a decree requiring tough, swift and long-lasting punishment for public officials who violate labor rules.

If slavery is illegal under this new law, then Fidel Castro should be the first one arrested under it, for enslaving millions of Cubans.


But, but, but…

Castro did away with the whole “Cuba was America’s brothel” thing, didn’t he?

Well, of course he did! Why, instead of being America’s brothel, Cuba is now Europe’s brothel!

Foreigners have come to Cuba for years seeking escorts for nights out and sex in exchange for gifts or cash to help the family. Cubans dub them ‘yumas’, a term adopted for Americans after a 1957 western set in the town of Yuma on the US border with Mexico.

Traveling here a decade ago, when Cubans were going hungry from the loss of Soviet aid, I saw countless beer-bellied foreign men smooching young women, and mid-forties women with hot young Cuban guys.

There you go, equal-opportunity prostitution, brought to you courtesy of socialism!

While the lovebirds head for bed my hostess shows me photographs of her daughter’s ‘quinceanera’, or 15th birthday, which marks a coming of age for girls in many Spanish-speaking countries.

‘She’s pretty,’ I say, admiring the showy ball gowns and skimpy outfits in the photos. ‘Will she get a yuma one day?’

‘A yuma?’ the mother snaps. ‘I would kill her.’

Yep, another bright socialistic future in Castro’s Cuba.


Read: the masters will be cracking their whips harder

Senior Cuban officials are analyzing a pair of new labor laws taking affect next month as the island’s official media cranks up a campaign about the rules aimed at beefing up work productivity.

There’s more:

Cuban worker productivity plunged during the island’s economic crisis in the 1990s, brought on by the loss of its former Soviet partners.

Now, Cuban workers “will have to change their life habits,” party official Lina Pedraza told Granma newspaper.

“Change their life habits,” huh? Let’s see, so that means now dinner will be just one deep breath instead of two?


Slavery in Cuba?

You bet. An article titled “Slave Nations — Horrors of modern-day slavery turned into mission” starts out talking about sex slaves in Southeast Asia, then it offers a list of the 11 worst countries where some form of de facto slavery exists. Guess who made the top 11, according to a U.S. State Department report?


• Has a sex-tourism underground, involving adults and minors. Law enforcement accused of complicity. Also a place of forced labor.

• “Victims are punished for unlawful acts committed as part of their being trafficked; women and children in prostitution are occasionally sent to ‘re-education’ programs, and most are sentenced to several years in prison.”