Sean Penn, the spitting image of Hugo Chavez

Sean Penn is back to his usual useful idiocy, as Michelle Malkin notes on her blog today. She quotes him:

To treat (Hugo Chavez) coldly is akin to spitting on him. As a country we’ve done enough of that.

Wrong, bucko, we haven’t done enough of that. If anything, Obama kissed his fourth point of contact a couple of weeks ago.


There’s more than meets the eye…

Babalu Blog posted a nausea-inducing photo of Obama shaking hands, and smiling with, Hugo Chavez.

Something, ahem, “interesting” happened during that handshake which is not visible in the photo. But you can see it in this photo:

Chavez hands Obama a book by a leftist author
Chavez hands Obama a book by a leftist author

The book, titled “Las Venas Abiertas de America Latina” (The Open Veins of Latin America), was written by a hardcore leftist from Uruguay named Eduardo Galeano. No doubt Obama will rush out to find an English-language version or, if none exists, have someone translate it for him.

Somebody please wake me up in November of 2012. Please.


Castro the Corpse speaks out, actually makes sense

Castro’s cadaver spoke out and for possibly the first time in his life–or more accurately, after his life–he actually said something that was true:

“Our future is inseparable from what happens next Sunday, the day of the (Venezuelan) referendum on the constitutional amendment,” Castro wrote in an editorial published on the Cuba Debate Web site.

He’s right. The constitutional amendment in question would change Venezuela’s current constitution to allow Castro’s Mini-Me–Hugo Chavez to seek more than two terms (which is two terms too many).

So… how come Cuba’s future is insufferable “inseparable” from the Venezuelan vote? Well, aside from the obvious, that Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are buddies, there are more material concerns at hand:

Communist Cuba receives about 90,000 barrels of Venezuelan oil a day in exchange for services (read: slavery) from thousands of Cuban professionals, including doctors, agricultural specialists and athletic trainers that Castro has sent to live in Venezuela since their agreement started in 2000.

A hat tip to Babalu Blog for posting this story.


Venezuela’s CDR

One of the most vile institutions imposed on Cuba’s people by the Castro regime is the neighborhood snitch program known officially as “El Comite para la Defensa de la Revolucion” (The Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, or CDR, which happens to be its initials in both English and Spanish).

The way the CDR works is that every neighborhood has someone who is a part of this organ of repression. Their job is to report anything deemed as suspicious to the communist authorities. In effect, it is designed to turn neighbor against neighbor and reduce trust in your fellow citizens.

Now it seems that the Castro brothers’ favorite hand-puppet, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, is set to imitate his mentors:

CARACAS, Venezuela: President Hugo Chávez has used his decree powers to carry out a major overhaul of this country’s intelligence agencies, provoking a fierce backlash here from human rights groups and legal scholars who say the measures will force citizens to inform on one another to avoid prison terms.

Under the new intelligence law, which took effect last week, Venezuela’s two main intelligence services, the DISIP secret police and the DIM military intelligence agency, will be replaced with new agencies, the General Intelligence Office and General Counterintelligence Office, under the control of Chávez.

The new law requires people in the country to comply with requests to assist the agencies, secret police or community activist groups loyal to Chávez. Refusal can result in prison terms of two to four years for most people and four to six years for government employees.

“We are before a set of measures that are a threat to all of us,” said Blanca Rosa Mármol de León, a justice on Venezuela’s top court, in a rare public judicial dissent. “I have an obligation to say this, as a citizen and a judge. This is a step toward the creation of a society of informers.”

Yep, just like the Castros did in Cuba.


Chavez left red-faced by three-year-old boy

Fidel Castro’s favorite parrot, Hugo Chavez, appears to have finally listened to the King of Spain.

Gee, I wonder why?

A 3-year-old boy has scored a political trifecta, embarrassing Latin America’s most powerful guerrilla group and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and giving a boost to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

Chávez suffered a humiliating embarrassment. The FARC’s (CDW note: a leftist rebel group in Colombia that Chavez has become chummy with) offer to release the three hostages (CDW note: including the aforementioned three-year-old boy, which turned out NOT to be under FARC control) to him had put him in the spotlight. He had assembled a team of high-profile international observers to witness the release — including former Argentine President Néstor Kirchner and U.S. filmmaker Oliver Stone — and sent Venezuelan helicopters to pick them up in the jungle. They were left waiting.

It was his second political blow in the last two months. In early December he lost a referendum to change the constitution, including one article that would have allowed him to seek indefinite reelection.

Since the botched operation — which he had dubbed Operation Emmanuel after the little boy — Chávez has remained unusually quiet.

Cat got your tongue there, Hugo?


Venezuela “Just Says Freaking NO!” to Hugo

In case you missed it, Fidel Castro’s hand-puppet Hugo Chavez got punked at the ballot box by Venezuelans who voted against a proposal that would’ve made him dictator president dictator nearly for life. The proposal would’ve also given a “full-steam ahead” to a number of socialist measures.

The proposal was narrowly beaten. Surprisingly, Chavez admitted defeat. Close results like the ones for this proposal (51-49) usually give leftists an excuse to claim election fraud and the like. In fact, Chavez himself had threatened that if the U.S. had tried to meddle in the election, he would cut off oil supplies to us. What a moron.

Anyway, my Dolphins may have lost yesterday but at least so did Hugo!

Oh, and in other dictator-ish, sham election news, Fidel Castro was nominated as a candidate for Cuba’s joke of a National Assembly. This is just a pro forma move by the communist government to show it follows its own “rules” (whatever they may be) in re-perpetuating and regurgitating Castro’s dictatorship.


Che Guevara shot again

Well, a monument to the dead terrorist got shot, anyway. Best of all, supposedly it was shot by leftists:

“We do not want a monument to Che, he is not an example for our children,” the group (Patriotic Command of the Plateau) said in a note left at the scene of the monument shattered by six gunshots, according to the El Universal newspaper.

And here’s another nice quote–at the end of the article, of course:

But polls show close to 40 per cent of the population opposes his self-styled socialist revolution.