About Me

So many bloggers and webmasters who focus on Cuba are either from the island themselves, or have Cuban parents. I’m no different.

My parents were college students when they married, and they left Cuba shortly thereafter with my maternal grandparents, in 1964. Both my parents and grandparents were apolitical, but my grandfather knew Fidel Castro was no good so he decided to leave with his wife (my abuela), his only daughter (my mom) and her new husband (my dad).

My personal info… I’m a veteran, happily married, and we have a young son.  I live with my family and a rat terrier in Florida. My hobbies including fishing, shooting and playing golf–all three of which I get to do only once in a very blue moon–goofing off on the Internet (which I’m usually doing instead of…), updating this blog, especially adding more of those doo-hickeys you see on Castro Death Watch.


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