My former favorite travel website

I used to like Orbitz. Not anymore:

Encouraged by President Obama’s lift last month on allowing family visits to Cuba, the Chicago-based Orbitz Worldwide is launching a campaign this week to reverse a law that prohibits most other U.S. citizens and legal residents from traveling to the island.

The website, called, became active Sunday and is a place where Orbitz visitors can petition Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and members of Congress to repeal trade and travel restrictions on Cuba enacted during the Kennedy administration.

Orbitz’ president and CEO, Barney Harford, visited the White House in March and afterward decided to rally his company for the cause, hiring engineers to build the website in just two weeks. He has yet to ask for support from Cuban-American leaders, but says that is the next step.

How about we “” before we “” I guess those 30 pieces of silver are more important to you than the freedom of 11 million, Mr. Harford? Well, I may not be a Cuban-American leader but you’ve gotten your last dollar from this Cuban-American.