Castro the Corpse speaks out, actually makes sense

Castro’s cadaver spoke out and for possibly the first time in his life–or more accurately, after his life–he actually said something that was true:

“Our future is inseparable from what happens next Sunday, the day of the (Venezuelan) referendum on the constitutional amendment,” Castro wrote in an editorial published on the Cuba Debate Web site.

He’s right. The constitutional amendment in question would change Venezuela’s current constitution to allow Castro’s Mini-Me–Hugo Chavez to seek more than two terms (which is two terms too many).

So… how come Cuba’s future is insufferable “inseparable” from the Venezuelan vote? Well, aside from the obvious, that Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are buddies, there are more material concerns at hand:

Communist Cuba receives about 90,000 barrels of Venezuelan oil a day in exchange for services (read: slavery) from thousands of Cuban professionals, including doctors, agricultural specialists and athletic trainers that Castro has sent to live in Venezuela since their agreement started in 2000.

A hat tip to Babalu Blog for posting this story.


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