Kim Jong Il dead?

Is Castro’s North Korean buddy Kim Jong (Mentally) Il dead? Or is something else going on in North Korea?

Either way, the police state and Castro ally is set to make some sort of “important announcement” tomorrow, according to Sky News’ website:

The Sankei newspaper said there was speculation within Japan that the announcement could be about Kim’s death or a change in government brought about by a coup.

The 66-year-old Kim disappeared from public view in mid-August and failed appear on two important national holidays, leading to speculation that he was seriously ill.

United States and South Korean officials said he had suffered a stroke and had undergone brain surgery, but North Korea has denied that he is unwell.

Quoting unidentified sources at Japan’s defence ministry, the Sankei said Tokyo had information that “there will be an important announcement on (October) 20th”.

Very, very interesting.