A Day for Heroes

Rick Rescorla is one the heroes of 9/11 you might not have heard about.  Originally from Britain, Rick served as an officer in the U.S. Army and he fought in the battle of Ia Drang Valley, the first major battle involving American troops in the Vietnam War and a battle made famous in the book and movie “We Were Soldiers, Once and Young.”

Rick was vice president of security for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, a tenant of the World Trade Center, on September 11, 2001.  He was known as a bit of a harda**, putting the firm’s employees through their paces during his constant emergency drills.

But the drills paid off: he was able to evacuate nearly all of the company’s 3,700 employees when the planes hit the twin towers, saving their lives.  Tragically, and heroically, Rick went back into one of the burning buildings to rescue a couple of remaining stragglers.  It was then that building collapsed, killing him and countless others.

Read more about Rick here and here.   And never forget.