Someone, please feed the pigeons…

…and make sure they do what pigeons do. That’s the only thing this humongous waste of metal is good for, a pigeon litterbox:

A 13-foot-high bronze statue unveiled before hundreds of cheering admirers depicts the beret-wearing Guevara standing defiantly while facing toward Santa Clara, Cuba , where another statue of Guevara faces toward Argentina.

“Hundreds?” I’m sure that actually means “101,” counting the media who were there to cheer on cover the “story.” At least some Argentinians have some sense, however:

While flag-waving, drum-banging leftist groups marched through Rosario Saturday, some residents said honoring Guevara was a waste of public money.

“I’m in total disagreement with this homage,” said Luis Oskis, 50, who owns a store in the city’s downtown. “I’m against all extreme movements and all wars, whether they’re from the left or the right. After all, Che ordered a lot of deaths.”

Indeed he did, from the comfort and safety of his usurped position granted by Fidel Castro.


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