Why no display on Castro’s prisons?

Because I’ve long been a big fan of Irish rock group U2, I–in my naive youth–briefly joined Shamnesty International after U2 gave them a free plug during a concert. But then I got older and–as Winston Churchill noted–became more conservative and wiser. And I terminated my membership in the organization.

This news story today bears out my decision:

Amnesty International might not be able to take U.S. citizens to Guantanamo Bay, but the group has made it possible to bring Guantanamo Bay to the U.S.

The group said they’ve created a replica of how many of the detainees are housed 23 hours a day.

Yo Amnesty, why no replicas of a jail cell from one of Castro’s prisons? Heck, it’d be easy for one person to carry around–in a shoebox.

Speaking of shoeboxes, plugs and Castro’s prisons, Babalu Blog–and I as well, for that matter–want you to sign this petition for the release of Cuba’s political prisoners.

If Shamnesty International wants to concern itself with real human rights violations, they might want to focus a little more on real human rights violators. Like the Castro brothers.

Before I go, I invite you to learn more about Cuba Solidarity Day, which takes place May 21st.