Wild, wild horses, couldn’t keep Cubans from yearning for freedom

Or wild colts, as the case may be.

Remember last year when Cuba’s chief propagandist, Ramiro Valdes, said Cuba needs to tame “the wild colt of new technologies” (meaning the Internet)?

Well, via the wonderful blog Bilingual in the Boonies, today I learned about a new blog from Cuba (yes, fron INSIDE Castro’s huge island Gulag) called “Potro Salvaje” (Wild Colt). Potro Salvaje says it’s a “blog about the thorny issue of the Internet in Cuba.” It calls itself a “virtual raft” and it’s motto is “we must liberate the tamed colt of technology,” a dig at Valdes’ comment.

Cool! I’ve added them to the blogroll and I’ll take a stab at translating some of their posts from time to time.