Someone from across the pond who gets it

Probably because he–Daniel Finkelstein–his father and his grandfather were all victims of Stalin’s oppression. Yep, that might explain why someone might not be too fond of Fidel Castro:

Those cigars, those battle fatigues, that beard. Kinda cool, no? No. Death sentences for those who want to flee, prison sentences for dissidents, gags for the press, jail for homosexuals, ruinous central planning for the economy, his support for a nuclear first strike against America, his opposition to any kind of reform, his four-hour long speeches, his personality cult.

But Finkelstein’s main purpose is to explain why the left loves Fidel so. He gives three reasons, the best one being that the left loves anyone who stands up to the U.S., no matter how evil they are:

Almost anyone – a homophobic, misogynist Islamist cleric for example – is given some credit if the US is their punchbag.