Foregone conclusion from rubber-stamp committee…

…being reported as news? Yep, when it has to do with Castro’s Cuba, right is wrong, yes is no, left is right and the obvious is newsworthy:

Cuba’s parliament named Raul Castro president on Sunday, ending nearly 50 years of rule by his brother Fidel but leaving the island’s communist system unshaken.

In a surprise move, officials bypassed younger candidates to name a 77-year-old revolutionary leader, Jose Ramon Machado, to Cuba’s No. 2 spot—apparently assuring the old guard that no significant political changes will be made soon.

Raul also proposed he would consult with the ailing, 81-year-old Fidel on all major decisions of state, and parliament approved the proposal.

“(N)o significant political changes will be made soon,” huh? Is that what we’re getting from Raul, the candidate of “change?” What a rare admission from the AP.

The only consolation I can see in all this is that at a doddering 76 years old himself, Raul won’t be dictator for long.