Wait for the quid pro quo, it’s coming

So Spain made the grand announcement that Cuba is releasing seven political prisoners, and the MSM rejoices and makes Raul sound like the second coming of Ghandi:

Cuba will free seven of 59 dissidents imprisoned since 2003, a move that opponents of ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro said reflects a “climate of change” under his brother’s rule.

The first releases of jailed dissidents since August were negotiated by Spain on health grounds and announced by Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos on Friday.

“The decision was made unilaterally by the Cuban authorities and we are very satisfied,” Moratinos told Spanish radio from the city of Cordoba, noting that the move came after dialogue with Cuba.

Dialogue with Cuba, huh? I wonder what exactly was discussed. Look for new exclusive business deals for Spain in Cuba during the next few months.

Meanwhile, the credulous MSM fails to ask the obvious questions:

  • -Why does Cuba have ANY political prisoners in the first place?
  • AND…

  • -WHen are you going to release the rest of them?

And then there’s this little tidbit buried near the end of the article I linked to above:

The Cuban government does not allow the International Red Cross access to its prisons.

And of course, this begs yet another couple of questions that remain unasked by the MSM:

  • -Why not let the Red Cross visit political prisoners? What are you trying to hide, Raul and Fidel?