Batista items going up for auction

FWIW, a dumpster diver found a bunch of Fulgencio Batista’s–the guy in charge in Cuba before Castro took over–old stuff in a Palm Beach dumpster some years ago. The dumpster just so happened to be located near the family’s office there.

Batista left Cuba for Spain after Castro took over in 1959. Can’t say that I blame him: no doubt the Castroites would given him the old Ceaucescu treatment. As bad as Batista was I don’t think he would’ve deserved to be treated like Ceaucescu was. If anyone deserves it, it’s Castro.

Anyway, whether you like Batista or not, no doubt at least some of these items are of interest to Cuban history buffs. According to the Palm Beach Post:

There were love letters to his wife, Martha, X-rays of Batista’s skull and foot, canceled checks, Cuban Senate records and letters from historic figures.

Bob Calvert, the guy who found these items, plans to put them up for sale on E-Bay. I like his response when some parrot from Granma asked Calvert for some of the items:

“I told him his people already took away the man’s country,” Calvert said.

The Castro people took a country away from millions, Mr. Calvert, not just Batista.


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  1. Hello, Im Bob Calvert. I saw your blog via Google. I joined this group soley for the purpose of to correct a misquote. I have been to Cuba as a journalist and dont want the welcome mat pulled in case I have to go back to Habana(possibly this year?). In regards to the Granma conversation, my exact words were: “Your boss already got his country, what else does he want?” While there, I witnessed the crumbling buildings, trucked in water due to broken Russian water pipes and a population in poverty. When Fidel is gone, the rest of Cuba is coming here to Florida. I cant blame them either, we are the worlds candy store. One Miami radio station caller brought out an interesting point:” If it weren’t for Batista, there never would have been Castro”. Castro can claim credit for creating the Cuban American Community of Miami and forever changing South Florida. I hope to be in Habana to cover ” La dia de CUBA LIBRE. ” This will be one of the biggest stories of the decade, the end of one era and the beginning of another, El Cuba Nuevo. Regards , Bob.

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