I like the headline…

Vote may hasten Castro reign’s end:”

‘My basic duty is not to cling to office and even less to obstruct the path of younger people, but to pass on the experiences and ideas whose modest worth stems from the exceptional era in which I have lived,” Castro said in a letter to the Cuban people in December.

This week, Castro wrote that he’s too sick to speak directly to his constituents, which further fueled speculation that one of the world’s longest-serving rulers was ready to pass on the torch.

”It’s really unheard of in the annals of history to have a temporary head of state for that long,” said Mauricio Font, who heads the Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies in New York. “It’s getting to be a bit bizarre. Cuba must be a really weird place right now, because nobody really knows what’s going on.”

Cuba’s been a weird place for 48 years, Mr. Font, all because of a bearded tyrant who should’ve stopped his “cling to office” and “pass on the torch” ages ago. Ages.