To the rest of us, those with common sense and brains,

it IS nepotism:

Cuba’s ailing leader Fidel Castro has defended naming his brother Raul to stand in for him last year, saying no one in the communist country’s national assembly saw it as nepotism.

Of course no one in Cuba’s national disassembly sees Raul Castro taking over for brother Fidel as nepotism. Fidel himself told them it isn’t nepotism so it’s not! Boy am I ever so glad THAT’s settled!

At least the cadaver-in-chief makes a rare admission in that Yahoo! News/AFP article quoted above:

“There was a stage when I thought I knew what had to be done and I wanted the power to do it,” he admitted, saying it was due to “an excess of youthfulness and deficit of conscience.”

Memo to the Castro brothers: you and the rest of your cabal have been suffering from a “deficit of conscience” since at least 1959.

No, scratch that. You have been enjoying this “deficit of conscience.” The only ones suffering from your “deficit of conscience” are the Cuban people.