Venezuela “Just Says Freaking NO!” to Hugo

In case you missed it, Fidel Castro’s hand-puppet Hugo Chavez got punked at the ballot box by Venezuelans who voted against a proposal that would’ve made him dictator president dictator nearly for life. The proposal would’ve also given a “full-steam ahead” to a number of socialist measures.

The proposal was narrowly beaten. Surprisingly, Chavez admitted defeat. Close results like the ones for this proposal (51-49) usually give leftists an excuse to claim election fraud and the like. In fact, Chavez himself had threatened that if the U.S. had tried to meddle in the election, he would cut off oil supplies to us. What a moron.

Anyway, my Dolphins may have lost yesterday but at least so did Hugo!

Oh, and in other dictator-ish, sham election news, Fidel Castro was nominated as a candidate for Cuba’s joke of a National Assembly. This is just a pro forma move by the communist government to show it follows its own “rules” (whatever they may be) in re-perpetuating and regurgitating Castro’s dictatorship.