To the rest of us, those with common sense and brains,

it IS nepotism:

Cuba’s ailing leader Fidel Castro has defended naming his brother Raul to stand in for him last year, saying no one in the communist country’s national assembly saw it as nepotism.

Of course no one in Cuba’s national disassembly sees Raul Castro taking over for brother Fidel as nepotism. Fidel himself told them it isn’t nepotism so it’s not! Boy am I ever so glad THAT’s settled!

At least the cadaver-in-chief makes a rare admission in that Yahoo! News/AFP article quoted above:

“There was a stage when I thought I knew what had to be done and I wanted the power to do it,” he admitted, saying it was due to “an excess of youthfulness and deficit of conscience.”

Memo to the Castro brothers: you and the rest of your cabal have been suffering from a “deficit of conscience” since at least 1959.

No, scratch that. You have been enjoying this “deficit of conscience.” The only ones suffering from your “deficit of conscience” are the Cuban people.


Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet calls Castro apologists at UN to account

Well, in a hypothetical post by Henry Gomez of Babalu Blog, anyway, the Useless Nations and the media are called to account for their tacit–and in some cases, wide open–support of Castro’s regime. Here’s a choice snippet:

But this body is not just guilty of inaction when confronted with deplorable crimes. Sadly it’s much worse than that. As a medical doctor I always attempted to live by the dictum of “first do no harm” but this body could not abide by even that most basic of principles. On the contrary, it enabled the criminals that misgoverned my country for close to half a century in the commission of their crimes. Unbelievably the Castro regime was rewarded for its decades of human rights abuses with a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council.


BREAKING NEWS: Castro hints at retirement

The news comes, oh, about 48 years too late, but it nevertheless is there. Fidel Castro dropped hints he might be retiring soon, according to Reuters:

“My elemental duty is not to hold on to positions and less to obstruct the path of younger people,” the 80-year-old Castro said in a letter read on Cuban television.

Gee, why didn’t he think of this in 1959 and spare an entire nation nearly five decades of misery?


Int’l Human Rights Day marches in Cuba, Miami, elsewhere

Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty (BUCL) and Babalu Blog are reporting a number of protest marches today–which is International Human Rights Day–in support of freedom for Cuba.

Some of the marches will take place in Miami and Los Angeles. Some are scheduled to take place in Cuba. Naturally, the Castroite dictatorship is trying to prevent these marches in Cuba (and if they had their way, in Miami and LA, too). BUCL put out a press release (we’ve copied it below but if you follow the link above you can read it as well) on the issue. As I write the post, Google News showed only 10 hits for the release and the story. That’s unbelievably pathetic and just shows you where the MSM stands on Cuba.

Anyway, listed below is the the full release from BUCl and also a graphic of their “Cambio” (Change) poster, which you can buy at for just $15.

Cambio en Cuba (Change in Cuba)

For Immediate Release Joins Dr. Darsi Ferrer to Protest Apartheid-Like Policies in Cuba

Protest marches are scheduled Monday December 10 in Havana and cities around the world

Miami, FL December 7, 2007 — Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty (BUCL) extends its support and solidarity to the Cuban Dissident Dr. Darsi Ferrer on International Human Rights Day Monday, December 10. To commemorate this day, protest marches are being held to denounce what protestors are calling the immoral and illegal segregationist policies imposed by the Cuban government.

“In Cuba, apartheid is not racial, but political,” says Henry Gómez of BUCL. “The political system keeps foreigners and Cubans separate. For instance, many public accommodations that are open to tourists and high-level Communist bureaucrats are off limits to everyday Cubans.”

Protest marches will be held in Havana at the park on Calzada between D and E (Vedado), in Miami at the Graham Center at Florida International University (FIU), and in Los Angeles at 202 West First Street. The marches will begin at 11:00 am EST (8:00 am PST).

Regarding Cuba’s current system, Dr. Ferrer states, “The current constitution supposedly recognizes the rights and freedoms of the Cuban people. The penal code characterizes apartheid as a felony. In practice, both are systematically violated by the established public policy.” Dr. Ferrer continued, “People around the world were horrified with the ghettos of South Africa. It is time to condemn the apartheid suffered by the Cuban people.”

“The vast majority of Cubans crave change,” says Dr. Ferrer. “We’ve endured more than four decades of stagnation while the tyranny has failed in the political, economic and social arenas. It is time to put an end to so much suffering. We advocate change in order to live in freedom and democracy.”

Dr. Darsi Ferrer is the Director of the Juan Bruno Zayas Center for Health and Human Rights in Havana, Cuba, whose mission is to ensure the policies of international agencies that guarantee health-related rights of all persons, are recognized and adhered to in Cuba.

Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty is a confederation of Blogs and websites that pool resources and ideas for use in campaigns to raise awareness of the Cuban reality.

Henry Gómez



Venezuela “Just Says Freaking NO!” to Hugo

In case you missed it, Fidel Castro’s hand-puppet Hugo Chavez got punked at the ballot box by Venezuelans who voted against a proposal that would’ve made him dictator president dictator nearly for life. The proposal would’ve also given a “full-steam ahead” to a number of socialist measures.

The proposal was narrowly beaten. Surprisingly, Chavez admitted defeat. Close results like the ones for this proposal (51-49) usually give leftists an excuse to claim election fraud and the like. In fact, Chavez himself had threatened that if the U.S. had tried to meddle in the election, he would cut off oil supplies to us. What a moron.

Anyway, my Dolphins may have lost yesterday but at least so did Hugo!

Oh, and in other dictator-ish, sham election news, Fidel Castro was nominated as a candidate for Cuba’s joke of a National Assembly. This is just a pro forma move by the communist government to show it follows its own “rules” (whatever they may be) in re-perpetuating and regurgitating Castro’s dictatorship.