The Cuban “health care” system exposed on Fox News tonight

I got this item from Babalu Blog.

Tonight on Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes (9PM Eastern time), the Cuban so-called “health care” system will be exposed. Fox will air footage taken in Cuba without Fidel Castro’s permission, which means you’ll get to see the unvarnished truth for once, rather than the propaganda Castro spoon feeds our MSM.

As I understand it, the footage comes courtesy of the guys at The Real Cuba.

BTW, this is footage that was offered to ABC for their recent special exposing the lies in Michael Moore’s Sicko, but ABC declined to air. Oddly enough, Babalu Blog notes ABC’s Havana bureau was “questioned” by Castroite officials before the show aired. Coincidence? Ha, and I’m Santa Claus.

Meanwhile, in more news on Castro’s medical system, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting today that, as their headline puts it, “Hundreds of Cuban medical workers defecting to U.S. while overseas.” Here’s a little snippet:

The Cuban government’s plan was for Beny Alfonso Rodriguez to help lead a group of 72 Cuban doctors on a medical mission in the town of Macarapana, Venezuela.

But Rodriguez, a former soldier, lasted four months. He joined the mission with one thing in mind: to flee Cuba.

“I was born into the revolution, but I didn’t choose it,” says Rodriguez, who arrived in Miami in April.

Ah, the money quote: “I was born into the revolution, but I didn’t choose it.” There you have it, folks. So much for the socialist parasite paradise.