What’s REALLY illegal is the Castro regime

Every Cuban who can escape the slow death sentence that is “life” under Castro, is escaping, and the MSM calls it an “Illegal flow of Cubans.” No, what’s REALLY illegal is Castro’s usurpation of power.

Read on:

The number of Cubans leaving their communist-run country by sea is steadily increasing and has reached the highest level since a mass exodus in 1994, according to new US figures.

Fiscal 2007 figures showed twice as many Cubans arriving in the US without travel documents are doing so via Mexico instead of crossing the Florida Straits.

US officials said good weather and calm summer waters had contributed to the rising number of Cubans departing by sea, though the absence of hope for change in Cuba in the year after Cuban leader Fidel Castro fell ill was driving more Cubans to leave.

“At bottom, the reason why people are willing to risk their lives to leave Cuba is the lack of hope and expectations,” said the US consul-general in Havana, Sean Murphy.

Yep, that’s the socialist paradise for you.