MSM’s appalling coverage of Castro’s Cuba

Castro farts in a new video, the MSM is all over it.

The Cuban delegate to the Useless Nations acts like a petulant child during President Bush’s speech, that gets coverage like crazy.

Dissidents–21 of them–get arrested in Cuba, and you’re lucky to find a handful of buried headlines. If that.

The MSM apparently is either sympathetic to Castro, lazy (accepting the Castro regime’s numerous “news” dispatches as gospel without doing any digging for truth) or more concerned with the phony “prestige” of having a Havana bureau than it is with having journalistic ethics.

It should be a mark of pride for journalists to get kicked out of Cuba for coverage that lets the world know of the Castro regime’s outrages. One such reporter–Gary Marx–is set to receive an award for his truthful coverage of Cuba. Ironically, it’s coming from Columbia University (yes, THAT Columbia University).

Marx is receiving the award–the Maria Moors Cabot Prize for outstanding reporting on Latin America and the Caribbean–for “reporting [that] was devoid of the ideological side-taking that often taints journalistic stories about Cuba.”

How much coverage do you think Mr. Marx is getting for his award? I did a search of Yahoo! News and came up with just one hit.



The numbers arrested in yesterday’s government crackdown on dissidents in Cuba is not clear, but it’s estimated to be between 21 and 40. Most, if not all of the arrestees appear to have been released–notice we said released, because nobody who lives in Cuba is truly free.

The arrests took place apparently to keep the dissidents from joining a protest demanding better treatment for Cuba’s political prisoners. My guess is that once the damage was done (that is, the dissidents were prevented from making the political prisoner protest larger and more embarrassing for the Castro government), Raul Castro decided to release the arrested dissidents to prevent Myanmar-like condemnation on him. The Castros are evil, but they’re not stupid. You can read more about this situation at Marc Mas Ferrer’s blog, Uncommon Sense.