More on the death (or apparent lack thereof) of Fidel Castro

With a new video out on the tyrant Fidel Castro (I wonder if the folks who made Osama’s video made Fidel’s), everyone’s scrambling.

Castro’s supporters–and I include many in the MSM–are gloating over the fact that he’s apparently still alive. Many of the headlines proclaimed that Castro appeared “stronger” in the video. Shyeah, stronger than death maybe? If these folks who wrote about Castro glowingly knew a lick of Spanish they’d know that Castro, like Bin Laden, rambled incoherently. Or maybe they do know Spanish (or they’ve hired interpreters), but are willing accomplices in the Castro government’s propaganda blitz.

I found an interesting comment in a posting on the Castro dead/alive issue on Babalu Blog. The comment was made by Tomas Estrada-Palma, great grandson of the first president of Cuba:

Lets face facts…Fidel is either dead or brain dead.

Now, the brain dead hypothesis might not be exactly right, but I think there’s something there. Castro rambles incoherently and he appears to have Alzheimer’s on the video, yet if I’m not mistaken, he hadn’t shown any symptoms of the disease before his surgery last year for an intestinal ailment.

So, I’m going to guess here, maybe he came across as incoherent because he was doped up heavily on pain medication–precisely because it would have been the only way they could’ve gotten him on video. In other words, my guess is he had one foot in the grave but the communist government of Cuba wanted to poke its enemies in the eyes one more time, not to mention keep the masses under control. And with the willing help of the MSM saying Castro appeared “stronger” and “healthier,” the regime’s job is made easier.