Don King vs. Fidel Castro

It’s the Bearded One against the man with the wild hair, and the man with the hair wins:

Fifteen days ago, the 130-pound Angelo Santana Diaz, a seven time regional champion in Cuba and twice its national title holder, braved the crossing of the Caribbean, condemnation by his country’s leader, and fear of reprisal to his parents still in Cuba to follow his dream to become a World Champion.

Angelo’s defection was forced on him as a direct result of Castro’s banning Cuban fighters from the World Championships.

Ten days ago I became aware of Angelo’s defection, long before Fidel, who honestly may not know to this day that another one of his stars has fled his “Utopian” nation.

For the fighter’s protection I placed a couple of calls and Don King Productions responded as they always have for the underdog in boxing, and through Rick Glaser, Angelo and his manager Armando Fernandez, who was instrumental in arraigning his fighter’s escape, sat down yesterday with Don King.

When the meeting broke up Angelo “The Cobra” Santana -as his professional name will be- was a member of DKP (Don King Productions).

Hehe, looks like Castro’s down for the count!