Defending the indefensible

Here’s a clue: the cause of catastrophic consequences IS socialism:

By pointing out Cuba’s contradictions, our desire is for the revolution to avoid the catastrophic consequences of similar contradictions in former socialist regimes.

That, my dear friends, is the subheadline of a piece (of crap) published in the so-called “Palestine Chronicle.” It’s written by a–surprise, surprise–college professor in the U.S. In short, a useful idiot who takes the freedoms he enjoys for granted, but relishes the imposition of totalitarianism on the “little people.”

In the piece, the good professor defends an earlier essay he penned in which he adulates Castro’s dictatorship while pointing out a few minor criticisms. Ironically, he is defending the earlier piece against… Fidel Castro. Gotta love it when these fellow travellers attack each other. But then again, if the good professor truly knew his subject, he’d know that Castro thinks of himself and no one else, it’s never beneath Castro to bite the hand that feeds him, and Castro and his gang of thugs are very thin skinned.

As I’ve noted before on this blog, if there were any justice in this world, these useful idiots would actually have to live in the conditions they’d impose upon others.