“Moore” MSM lovefest with Castro’s “healthcare”

Another MSM outlet, this one from Europe, chimes in on how “wonderful” Cuba’s healthcare system is under Castro. They even manage a two-fer, including a plug for Michael Moore-on’s sick flick, Sicko:

Michael Moore’s documentary, Sicko, holds up Cuba as a model. Whether it is a consultation, dentures or open-heart surgery, citizens are entitled to free treatment. As a result this impoverished Caribbean island has better health indicators than its much wealthier neighbour 144km across the Florida straits.

“There’s a reason Cubans live on average longer than we do,” Moore told Time magazine. “I’m not trumpeting [Fidel] Castro or his regime. I just want to say to fellow Americans, ‘C’mon, we’re the United States. If they can do this, we can do it.’”

Other outsiders such as Kofi Annan, the former United Nations secretary general, a United Kingdom parliamentary select committee, and an array of NGOs have also lauded Cuban healthcare. Even some senior US officials, between bouts of Castro-bashing, have ceded some plaudits.

Naturally, buried in the article, you’ll find this admission (emphasis mine):

The communist government is not transparent, some statistics are questionable and citizens have reason to muffle complaints lest they be jailed as political dissidents.

Yes, but for THAT minor detail, Cuba is a paradise, right? So, how do the Castro brothers manage to accomplish medical miracles amid a blockade from the U.S.?

There is no mystery about Cuba’s core strategy: prevention.

Ahhhhhh, prevention, indeed. You know, like preventing birth defects and childhood illnesses by pressuring expecting mothers whose unborn children show the potential for such, into having abortions.