Janet Reno’s musical tour?

Ew, gag. The thought of Janet Reno repulses me. Now apparently she put together a three-CD music set (of other people’s music, of course) and the MSM is once again fawning all over her.

It’s called–get ready to laugh–Song of America. Should’ve been called Song of Anti-America. They’re calling it a “musical tour.”

Here’s a tour Janet should be able to remember well:

-Miami: Police officer Grant Snowden wrongly convicted of child sexual abuse, loses 11 years of his life in prison before he could get his conviction overturned
-Waco, Texas: More than 80 Americans–including children–burned alive by the federal government
-Nationwide: 93 US Attorneys fired
-Atlanta: ruined the life of Richard Jewell by leaking his name as the Olympic Park bomber when in fact, Jewell was totally innocent
-And, back to Miami: sending armed, jackbooted thugs into an American home to rip a child out of the arms of an American citizen, for the purposes of sending said child back to a totalitarian dictator named Fidel Castro

Speaking of Elian Gonzalez, I wonder if this is going to be the cover photo for her CDs:

Janet Reno and Elian Gonzalez