Useful idiots giving Castro $$$

By violating the U.S. embargo:

“The fact that you’re not supposed to be there, that was the top for me,” said Amit, 29, a New York City native who visited Cuba in September 2006, shortly after the 81-year-old Castro fell ill and ceded power to his younger brother.

“I was like, ‘It’s time to go,'” said Amit, who asked that his full name not be published to avoid U.S. fines. “You just don’t know what Cuba will be like after Castro’s gone.”

Well, gee Amit, you like it so much, why not stay there until Castro’s death is officially announced, and find out first-hand?

Another couple of useful idiots who should’ve bought one-way tickets chime in in a similar vein:

“We wanted to get here before all the other Americans come and ruin it all,” said Bridget, a 20-year-old from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who wandered Old Havana’s colonial streets with her friend Erik in August. They wouldn’t give their last names.

“It’s forbidden treasure,” said Erik, also from the Twin Cities. “It will be so Americanized in a few years. Just like Cancun,” where U.S. franchises from Hard Rock Cafe to Hooters tend to drown out Mexican culture.

Why not stay there UNTIL the Americans can “ruin” it–in other words, until the Castro’s are gone? How quaint it is, seeing how other people live without the things you take for granted, right Bridget and Erik? You know, little things like “food,” “rights” and “freedom?”