Castro is ‘Demo-n Crazy’

Castro’s ridiculousness reaches a new level now. It’s not enough that democracy is forbidden in practice; now the word itself is also verboten–even though it was only the name of a dance show:

However, working in Cuba has provided (Spanish choreographer Rafael) Bonachela with some unexpected challenges.

It was not the challenge of choreographing dancers from one of Cuba’s foremost dance outfits, Dance Contemporanea, which proved to be the problem.

Rather it was the name of the work – which was originally called Arsenal of Democracy.


The choice of name was a pure coincidence.

The dance is based on music by an American composer Julia Wolfe, from her album Arsenal of Democracy.

Communist Cuba has a long history of both classical ballet and modern dance, art forms that have been fully supported by Fidel Castro from the earliest days of the revolution.

On arrival in Havana, though, Bonachela discovered that the Cuban dance company’s managers were not too happy about the name.

In the end a compromise was reached, and “Democracy” became “Demo-n Crazy”.

Communist Cuba also has a long history of preferring the demonic to democracy and freedom for its people.


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