Five Zeros from Cuba await their fate

More MSM fawning over Castroites:

In Cuba, the spies are known as the “Five Heroes,” wrongfully imprisoned. Meanwhile, the man Havana considers responsible for the worst of terrorism in Cuba, Luis Posada Carriles, is a free man living legally in Miami. Posada is accused of bombing a Cuban airliner in 1976, killing 73 passengers. To Cubans, he’s a symbol of U.S. hypocrisy in the war on terror.

So, to CBS (or is that, See BS?) what Havana “considers” has the same standing as an actual conviction of five zeros caught spying? Never mentioned in the See BS piece is the fact that Posada Carriles was ACQUITTED. No wonder the majority of Americans in a recent poll said the news media is too critical of America.

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