More of the same

The more things change in Cuba, the more they stay the same:

Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage squashed speculation that Communist Cuba is heading toward Chinese-style reforms of its economy, in a speech to state managers published on Thursday.

Cuba will not follow the paths of other Communist-run nations, such as China and Vietnam where capitalist markets have flourished, and said Perestroika reforms failed in the former Soviet Union.

“The countries that are working to build socialism today in different parts of the world, are doing so in political and economic situations very different from ours,” said Lage, who heads Cuba’s cabinet of ministers.

“Their successes and failures should enrich our efforts, but the building of socialism in Cuba is only possible as a result of our own experience,” Lage said in the speech printed by the Communist Party newspaper Granma.

So much for the media frenzy of a few days ago over Raul Castro’s supposed “reforms.”