Monday, Monday…

Tomorrow (Monday) a big court date is set for the custody battle between the foster, and would be adoptive parents of a young Cuban girl in Miami, and her father from Cuba:

Nearly eight years after the battle over young Elian Gonzalez divided this city, another Cuban child has become the center of a bitter custody fight. A trial is set to begin Monday in family court over whether the 4-year-old girl’s father can regain custody of his daughter or whether she should remain with the wealthy Cuban-American former sports agent and his wife who want to adopt her.

We’ve mentioned this story before, as have numerous other blogs and websites. What makes this case especially interesting is the fact that the foster father was only recently revealed as Joe Cubas, a sports agent best known for representing defecting Cuban baseball stars. A few days ago, Babalu Blog posted that this was a case of revenge by Castro; I agree. Sure smells like it.

And here’s an interesting quote from today’s article, the one I’m posting about here:

Both (the girl’s mother, Elena) Perez and (head of the Cuba Study Group Carlos) Saladrigas said the community’s fear was that in both the Elian case and this one the fathers were pressured to bring the children back by the Castro government.

“The concern is whether they are speaking from their heart or being coerced, and there is no clear answer to that. You will never know,” Saladrigas said, adding, “If it wouldn’t be for that it would be a no-brainer.”

Funny how that got buried at the end of the article.