Another day, another denial

You have to wonder. All these Castroites coming out of the woodwork, denying Fidel’s death. The latest: Castro’s Mini-Me, Hugo Chavez:

“Fidel Castro will never die!”

Castro’s friend and ally Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sent greetings to Cuba’s ailing leader during an address Saturday to thousands of supporters.

“For those who want Fidel to die, they are going to end up frustrated because Fidel Castro will never die. He will always live on,” Chavez said.

If Hugo says it, it MUST be true! LOL!

Meanwhile, a Central Florida TV station is saying unnamed “Cuban leaders” are also claiming Castro’s black heart is still beating:

Cuban leaders are strongly denying the rumors going around South Florida that their leader is dead.

Interesting that they didn’t name names. Hmmmmm…


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