First person to be arrested under new law: Fidel Castro

Anti-corruption laws toughened in Cuba

Acting leader Raúl Castro has ordered harsher penalties for public officials who break labor rules.

Ratcheting up his fight against corruption and mismanagement in Cuba, interim leader Raúl Castro has signed a decree requiring tough, swift and long-lasting punishment for public officials who violate labor rules.

If slavery is illegal under this new law, then Fidel Castro should be the first one arrested under it, for enslaving millions of Cubans.


1 thought on “First person to be arrested under new law: Fidel Castro”

  1. What a clear distinction between Cubans and those who cross the US boarder to find work and a better life. Cubans love their country and dream of the day we can live in Cuba in freedom. Others who cross our boarder have a country, where they live in freedom however; are leaving it in the thousands while the Cubans have to swim in man made rafts with great risks to make it to freedom not just for a job. Big difference.

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