Castro is “fine”

So says his parrot, Felipe Perez Roque. The fact that Castro’s lackeys have to deny his death tells me he’s probably already roasting at very high temperatures.

In any event, Perez Rockhead’s “Castro ‘is fine'” comment has inspired me to write the following song parody, based on the Beatles’ “I Feel Fine.” Imagine Perez Rockhead serenading Fifo’s corpse with it…

Fifo’s one dead duck, you know,
He’s stiff as a board can be, you know,
The doctor said so.
Even though he’s dead, I must say he’s fine.
Fifo’s carcass is embalmed, you know,
Saw it myself one time, you know,
And I cried so.
Even though he’s gone, I say he’s fine.
I’m so sad, his corpse is getting cold.
I’m lying to everyone, saying he’s fine to all the world.
Because Fifo’s really kaput, you know.
He flatlined a real long time ago,
Raul said so.
Fifo is worm food but I said he’s fine.
Fifo’s pushing up daisies, so never mind.
Fifo’s room temperature, but I said he’s fine, mmm.