Shyeah, this’ll win the Cuban-American vote

Obama, Obama, Obama. It takes more than a speech in Little Havana to endear yourself to Cuban-Americans. You’re already starting out with a handicap: you belong to the wrong political party. And now this?

”We regret that Sen. Obama has been so ill-advised as to assume that lifting sanctions against Cuba’s dictatorial regime will bring about change,” read a statement issued by the non-partisan Cuban Liberty Council. “It is sad that he does not apply the same principles used to bring about change in South Africa where blacks were victims of the same apartheid as Cubans on the island.”

He should listen to someone who knows what he’s talking about:

Dario Moreno, a Florida International University political science professor, said Obama’s position could cost him some votes.

”He’s appealing to the most progressive element of his party, and I think what he’s underestimating is the large number of Hispanics in Miami-Dade that he could alienate himself from,” Moreno said.