Brothers to the Rescue documentary in the works

At a time when the most visible movie related to Cuba is a sick(o), twisted propaganda piece on Castro’s so-called “health system,” here’s a breath of fresh air:

Now, more than a decade later, (niece of Brothers to the Rescue shootdown victim Armando Alejandre, Jr., Christina) Khuly wants to make the tragedy real for a much broader audience with the Oct. 1 release of Shoot Down, her blow-by-blow account of the Feb. 24, 1996, downing of two Brothers to the Rescue aircraft.

The 90-minute documentary tells the rich back-story of the most serious crisis across the Straits of Florida since the 1962 missile showdown, from the growing tensions produced by Cuban rafters washing up to the Florida shores like debris to the Cuban opposition’s bold demands for political change.


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