August Castro Death Watch poll

Wow, where has July gone? In case you’re wondering, other than a very brief (as in, WAAAAAAY too brief) honeymoon (yes, I got married, on July 7th), I did not go on vacation. I’ve just been extremely busy and will probably be just as busy this month.

But at least I got this month’s poll done:


2 thoughts on “August Castro Death Watch poll”

  1. Here in the Northeastern US unfortunately we dont hear the i am depending on family & friends in Florida as well as internet sites to let me know the minute this rumor is true! Never in my life have i prayed for someone to die! But we were happy when we learned of sadams death, of hitler’s death, and hope for the death of Osama…omg this beast is no different than those aforementioned! Guess the people at his funeral will consist of those like his brother, chavez, oh yeah..and Michael Moore.

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