Bloom(berg)in’ Idiots

Reporters are taught to question everything. That is, unless they’re dealing with Castro’s government:

Cuban President Fidel Castro is exercising daily and has regained the 40 pounds he lost after surgery last summer, and his health crisis is “definitely behind us,” Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque told Mexico’s daily newspaper Reforma.


Perez denied that Cuba has any political prisoners, calling people now in jail on the island “mercenaries” working for the U.S. government and imprisoned for their actions, not “for their ideas,” the newspaper said.

Yes, of course. Let’s just repeat anything the Castro government says verbatim, okay? Without questioning the source or even making a pretend effort to find out the truth.

Only two explanations for this:

-Lazy reporting
-Fellow traveler of Fidel Castro

Hard to say which one I’d put money on. For all I know, it might be a combination of both.