How’s about we try Castro in absentia?

Or much better still, in person? Oh, if only.

Cuba’s–and the MSM’s–obsession with the 79-year-old Luis Posada Carriles reached a fever pitch today:

Cuban university students symbolically tried Luis Posada Carriles on Monday, accusing the anti-communist warrior of teaming up with Washington to commit decades of terrorist attacks.

A four-judge panel of University of Havana law students were scheduled to hear 32 witnesses over two days before issuing a sentence — also symbolic — against the 79-year-old former CIA operative. Posada, who was born in Cuba, has dedicated most of his life to toppling Fidel Castro’s communist-run government.

The verdict was not in doubt. The trial was organized by the Communist Party’s youth wing and other pro-government groups, and there was no sign of anybody named to offer a defense of Posada.

No new evidence was expected, though Cuba hopes the trial will keep public pressure on the United States to act against Posada, who was released last week from house arrest in the U.S. after a Texas judge dropped immigration charges against him.

Hundreds of college and high school students, many looking bored and squirming in their seats, filled a social club ringed by dilapidated tennis courts in the Cuban capital’s Vedado district.

A few notes:

-Bored kids? Hahaha, no doubt they attended “voluntarily” 🙂

-“The verdict was not in doubt.” Of course it wasn’t, there’s no such thing as a fair trial in Castro’s Cuba.

-“…no sign of anybody named to offer a defense of Posada.” Again, there’s no such thing as a fair trial in Castro’s Cuba.

-“No new evidence was expected…” Of course not, there’s nothing new about Castro’s propaganda games.


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