But, but, but, what about Posada Carriles?

While the usual cast of leftist useful idiot apologists for Castro hold their rallies and fruitcake fests to protest a judge’s ruling that Luis Posada Carriles–a man who had already been acquitted in Venezuela for what they accuse him of–should be freed, they conveniently ignore Castro’s allowing numerous fugitives from U.S. justice to live in Cuba. We’re talking about people accused of, and in some cases actually CONVICTED of, serious crimes, folks, such as murder of law enforcement officers and hijacking. Listed below are a few:

  • Charlie Hill, accused murderer, admitted hijacker
  • Joanne Chesimard (AKA Assata Shakur), who has a $1 million bounty on her head for escaping prison after actually being convicted in the killing of a New Jersey state trooper
  • Guillermo Morales, arrested on bomb-making charges after a bomb he made blew up in his apartment, blowing off the fingers of one of his own hands
  • Ralph Goodwin, accomplice of Charlie Hill, died in Cuba
  • Michael Finney, another accomplice of Charlie Hill who also died in Cuba
  • William Lee Brent, accused of a hijacking, died in Cuba

As is standard with leftists, if someone proclaims themselves to be against the U.S., then they’re automatically innocent of the most heinous crimes–but if they did do it, they were “justified.” That’s the mentality of these people: politics comes first, the ends justify the means.

And the converse is true: if you’re against left-wing dictators (such as Castro), then anything the left-wing dictatorship accuses you of is automatically true, and you should be executed without benefit of trial, never mind that leftists are usually the first ones to demand a fair trial and are supposedly against the death penalty. Apparently, those principles only apply to their fellow travelers.

Don’t forget any of this when you read the fawning puff pieces about left-wing radical criminals in the sympathetic MSM.

A hat tip to Babalu Blog for bringing up this issue.