He could feed half the island by himself

Michael Moore is back in the Cuba news spotlight this week. This time, the feds are after him for breaking the Cuban embargo law:

The U.S. government has launched a probe into whether maverick director Michael Moore, whose 2004 documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” skewered the Bush administration, broke laws when he went to Cuba for a new movie about U.S. health care.

U.S. citizens face “civil and/or criminal penalties” for unauthorized travel to the communist country, the U.S. Treasury Department warned in a letter to the Oscar-winning director that was posted on Moore’s Web site on Thursday.

Now, why would Michael Moore-on go to an island filled with people starving to death, you ask? Oh, it’s because the useful idiot wanted to take some of the people who got sick helping out at the World Trade Center during and after September 11, to Cuba for the “wonderful” health care they have there. In other words, he wanted to use these folks as pawns in a political game to embarrass his country for his new movie, appropriately named “Sicko.”

What a Moore-on.