The issue isn’t whether or not he did what he’s accused of doing (for which he has already been acquitted, I might add).

The issue is simply that ANY so-called “evidence” the Castro government would present is suspect on its face.

Three Cuban lawmakers have condemned the Justice Department’s decision to send FBI agents to Cuba to collect evidence against a terror suspect.

The FBI have reportedly been to Cuba recently to gather more information on the alleged involvement Luis Posada Carriles in a hotel bombing that killed an Italian in Havana in 1997.

“By asking a state sponsor of terrorism for evidence’ regarding terrorism, the Bush administration Justice Department demonstrates a shockingly profound ignorance of the nature of terrorism, of its origins and its state sponsors,” U.S. Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and brothers Lincoln and Mario Díaz-Balart said in a statement, The Miami Herald reported Friday.

Shame on the FBI for collaborating with Castro.