Cuba #5 country where press freedom has most deteriorated

In honor of World Press Freedom Day, May 3, the Committee to Protect Journalists has published a list called “Backsliders,” of the top 10 countries where press freedom has most deteriorated.

Surprise, surprise, Cuba made the list.

Here are a few choice lines from the article:

  • Other countries such as Cuba have long had poor records but have ratcheted up press restrictions through widespread imprisonments, expulsions, and harassment.
  • Authorities in several countries are silencing critical coverage by imprisoning journalists. Cuba and Ethiopia became two of the world’s leading jailers of journalists in the past five years.
  • Twenty-nine journalists imprisoned in massive 2003 crackdown. Four foreign journalists expelled after covering 2005 opposition meeting. Another 10 barred entry when Fidel Castro becomes ill in 2006.
  • Cases of government harassment increase in the past year.