Castro to tower: May day, May day, May day!

Like an airplane about to crash, looks as though Castro missed the proverbial runway on May Day this year:

There was no sign of a convalescing Fidel Castro as hundreds of thousands of Cubans marched through Havana’s Revolution Plaza to celebrate May Day, casting new doubts on his recovery and whether he will return to power.

This is the first time in 40 years that Castro hasn’t made it to the May Day parade, a celebration that would have been unthinkable without him a year ago, reports CBS News senior foreign correspondent Lara Logan.

While recent images of Castro meeting with Chinese leaders indicated he had improved considerably since undergoing emergency surgery nine months ago, his absence at the parade through the Revolution Plaza raised questions about whether he is strong enough to run the country.

I guess it’s hard to give eight-hour speeches through an artificial anus.