Screw Spain’s Socialists

The Socialist government of Spain wants to relive the days of concentration camps and the like for Cuba. But a group of bloggers called Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty is doing everything it can to expose José Luís Rodríguez Zapatero and his ilk:

The Spanish government is being denounced by Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty ( in a new advertising campaign aimed at educating the public about oppression in Castro’s Cuba.

The multimedia campaign, unveiled today, consists of bus shelter panels that target areas near the Spanish consulate and the Spanish Cultural Center, both in Coral Gables, Florida. An online component, launching today, will steer readers searching for certain information about Cuba and Spain to

“This effort marks the first of several coordinated activities aimed at exposing those countries, companies and institutions that aid and abet the Castro regime in oppressing the Cuban people,” said Henry Gomez, the spokesman for Bloggers United for Cuban Freedom. Gomez continues:

“Spanish businesses are dealing directly with the Castro regime and are helping perpetuate Cuba’s totalitarian system by complying with that country’s unfair labor laws and enforcing an apartheid system in which Cubans are not allowed to use the same facilities as tourists. From the Spanish perspective, there is no reason to pursue change in Cuba, they are benefiting from exploitation of Cuban workers and would like to see the status quo perpetuated.”

The Socialist Spanish government of José Luís Rodríguez Zapatero has been leading an effort to normalize relations between the European Union and Cuba. Those relations have been strained since the Castro regime’s crackdown on and jailing of 75 dissidents and independent journalists in 2003. In April of this year, Spain’s foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos visited Cuba and met with Raul Castro, while noticeably snubbing Cuban dissidents that had requested a meeting with him.

“It’s important for the Spanish government and business interests to know that freedom-loving Cubans will not forget who conspired with the Castro brothers and against their liberty when the inevitable fall of the dictatorship comes,” said Val Prieto, editor of and member of Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty.

BUCL’s campaign has been covered by local, national and even international media.

Meanwhile, the guys at Babalu Blog have posted the video of a commercial by Spain’s Iberia Airlines. The commercial depicts two Cuban women of African descent as being at the whims of a baby who wins a free trip to Cuba. To say the commercial is both sexist and racist is to say that the sun is a little warm. No word yet on whether Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton plan to organize any boycotts of Spain or Iberia Airlines.


Bloom(berg)in’ Idiots

Reporters are taught to question everything. That is, unless they’re dealing with Castro’s government:

Cuban President Fidel Castro is exercising daily and has regained the 40 pounds he lost after surgery last summer, and his health crisis is “definitely behind us,” Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque told Mexico’s daily newspaper Reforma.


Perez denied that Cuba has any political prisoners, calling people now in jail on the island “mercenaries” working for the U.S. government and imprisoned for their actions, not “for their ideas,” the newspaper said.

Yes, of course. Let’s just repeat anything the Castro government says verbatim, okay? Without questioning the source or even making a pretend effort to find out the truth.

Only two explanations for this:

-Lazy reporting
-Fellow traveler of Fidel Castro

Hard to say which one I’d put money on. For all I know, it might be a combination of both.


How’s about we try Castro in absentia?

Or much better still, in person? Oh, if only.

Cuba’s–and the MSM’s–obsession with the 79-year-old Luis Posada Carriles reached a fever pitch today:

Cuban university students symbolically tried Luis Posada Carriles on Monday, accusing the anti-communist warrior of teaming up with Washington to commit decades of terrorist attacks.

A four-judge panel of University of Havana law students were scheduled to hear 32 witnesses over two days before issuing a sentence — also symbolic — against the 79-year-old former CIA operative. Posada, who was born in Cuba, has dedicated most of his life to toppling Fidel Castro’s communist-run government.

The verdict was not in doubt. The trial was organized by the Communist Party’s youth wing and other pro-government groups, and there was no sign of anybody named to offer a defense of Posada.

No new evidence was expected, though Cuba hopes the trial will keep public pressure on the United States to act against Posada, who was released last week from house arrest in the U.S. after a Texas judge dropped immigration charges against him.

Hundreds of college and high school students, many looking bored and squirming in their seats, filled a social club ringed by dilapidated tennis courts in the Cuban capital’s Vedado district.

A few notes:

-Bored kids? Hahaha, no doubt they attended “voluntarily” 🙂

-“The verdict was not in doubt.” Of course it wasn’t, there’s no such thing as a fair trial in Castro’s Cuba.

-“…no sign of anybody named to offer a defense of Posada.” Again, there’s no such thing as a fair trial in Castro’s Cuba.

-“No new evidence was expected…” Of course not, there’s nothing new about Castro’s propaganda games.


But, but, but, what about Posada Carriles?

While the usual cast of leftist useful idiot apologists for Castro hold their rallies and fruitcake fests to protest a judge’s ruling that Luis Posada Carriles–a man who had already been acquitted in Venezuela for what they accuse him of–should be freed, they conveniently ignore Castro’s allowing numerous fugitives from U.S. justice to live in Cuba. We’re talking about people accused of, and in some cases actually CONVICTED of, serious crimes, folks, such as murder of law enforcement officers and hijacking. Listed below are a few:

  • Charlie Hill, accused murderer, admitted hijacker
  • Joanne Chesimard (AKA Assata Shakur), who has a $1 million bounty on her head for escaping prison after actually being convicted in the killing of a New Jersey state trooper
  • Guillermo Morales, arrested on bomb-making charges after a bomb he made blew up in his apartment, blowing off the fingers of one of his own hands
  • Ralph Goodwin, accomplice of Charlie Hill, died in Cuba
  • Michael Finney, another accomplice of Charlie Hill who also died in Cuba
  • William Lee Brent, accused of a hijacking, died in Cuba

As is standard with leftists, if someone proclaims themselves to be against the U.S., then they’re automatically innocent of the most heinous crimes–but if they did do it, they were “justified.” That’s the mentality of these people: politics comes first, the ends justify the means.

And the converse is true: if you’re against left-wing dictators (such as Castro), then anything the left-wing dictatorship accuses you of is automatically true, and you should be executed without benefit of trial, never mind that leftists are usually the first ones to demand a fair trial and are supposedly against the death penalty. Apparently, those principles only apply to their fellow travelers.

Don’t forget any of this when you read the fawning puff pieces about left-wing radical criminals in the sympathetic MSM.

A hat tip to Babalu Blog for bringing up this issue.


Mickey Mouse Communism

It’s interesting to see Castro admit–not verbally, but through his dictatroship’s actions–that capitalism is superior to communism.

Yes folks, American name brand products are for sale right now–in Cuba:

Despite the U.S. Trading With the Enemy Act, which governs Washington’s 45-year-old embargo, sales on Fidel Castro’s island are lining the pockets of corporate America.

Nikes, Colgate and Marlboros, Gillette Series shaving cream and Jordache jeans – all are easy to find. Cubans who wear contact lenses can buy Bausch & Lomb. Parents can surprise the kids with a Mickey Mouse fire truck.

Dozens of American brands are on sale here – and not in some black-market back alley. They’re in the lobbies of gleaming government-run hotels and in crowded supermarkets and pharmacies that answer to the communist government.

The companies say they have no direct knowledge of sales in Cuba, and that the amounts involved are small and would be impractical to stop. But it’s hard to deny that a portion of the transactions wind up back in the United States.

Mickey Mouse is especially popular on the island:

Decades-old Walt Disney cartoons air on state television every afternoon and stores have Mickey Mouse toys and wrapping paper and Snoopy products.

No word on whether or not Castro has recruited Mickey Mouse to preach revolution and socialism. But at least we do know Castro is Mickey Mouse.